what we do

Since 2013, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has invited young women to join its priests and religious for a few summer days in order to ask substantial questions about what is most important in their lives.  This year, we are working with the Archdiocese of Washington!


What is fiat?

Fiat is a three day encounter for high school aged women hosted jointly by the Archdioceses of Baltimore and Washington  aimed at helping them to mature in their faith, deepen their desire for holiness and explore the particular vocation through which God is calling them to pursue holiness.

Fiat doesn't just aim to recruit women to religious life.

Fiat aims to encourage young women to respond with generosity in freedom to what God is calling them to do with their lives.

Who are these for?

Fiat isn't just for young women who have considered a religious vocation.

Fiat is for any young woman who wants Christ and the Church to be a part of his life.  

All high school aged young women of the Archdiocese of Baltimore or Washington, from those entering 9th grade to those who have just graduated, are welcome to attend Fiat. 

What should you expect?

At Fiat you should expect a few days of talks, prayer, and friendship that will help each young woman learn where they can find meaning in their life.

At Fiat you should expect a few days spent with priests, seminarians, religious, and other young women from across the Archdiocese who are trying to follow Christ.

At Fiat you should expect a few days of peace and relaxation away from the daily routine of school and family life to help each young person see the places where God is working in her life.

Every baptized person has a vocation to love as Jesus loved. When you were baptized, the love of Jesus came in your soul. And if we allow our faith to develop, that love gets stronger. Pretty soon, we’ll become aware that the Lord is calling us to a particular vocation, a particular way of loving and serving others.
— Archbishop William Lori