Dates for 2018 Fiat with the Archdiocese of Washington Announced!


Join us July 27-29th!!!

This year, we will run a joint Fiat Camp with the Archdiocese of Washington!

Fiat is Latin for “Let it be done.” It was Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel when she was asked to become the mother of Jesus.

Mary was called to live courageously. She was called to give her whole life and because of her response, she changed the world. At Fiat Camp, you will be challenged to become fully yourself – to embrace the unique gifts given to you by God and to discover the great dignity of your vocation as a woman.

St. Catherine of Siena said “Be who you are created to be and you will set the world ablaze.”

As women, we are called to be world changers like Mary was. What would happen if each and every woman realized who she was as a daughter of God?  The world would never be the same.

At Fiat Camp, you will be encouraged, challenged, and awakened to the beauty that God has given to you.

Join us this summer to spend time with other young women and discover the exciting things that God has for your life!

Dates for 2018 Quo Vadis Announced!

Join Us July 19th-22nd!

This years theme...

Who am I? What am I doing? What am I meant to do? Where do I belong? Who challenges me? Where is home? Where do I find purpose? What brings me joy?  Where do I find happiness?

We all ask these questions. We all want to do something that matters. We all desire to find a purpose. We all try to find a place to belong. We all want to be challenged. We all want to know happiness and true joy.

You might tell your story in different ways. It’s still a part of one story.
You might see your life differently than others. It’s still a part of one life.
You might seek the truth in different ways. It’s still one truth.

Where do we find this story, this life, this truth? Christ.
Where do we find Christ? The Church.

Founded. Rooted. Called. The Church is the house of God founded on Christ its cornerstone. The Church is a life rooted in Christ, the true vine. The Church is the people of God called out to witness the Gospel. In the waters of Baptism you became a part of that Church. Your story is built upon it. Your life
will grow in it. Your calling will be for it. How does the Church help me find Christ? How does the Church help me understand myself?


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